Deadsquid Update

No one will really care about this but me, but that’s ok, I need to get in the habit of using this thing again.

The dedicated server that’s continued on something like 14 years of hosting for friends and family is entering it’s final days. I’ve been moving sites over, and am hoping coop is paying attention to his email. I ended up going with a Canadian firm for a VPS provider, and the experience so far has been pretty painless.

The biggest issue I’ve run into was slow MySQL response time, and I spent most of yesterday reading up on tuning and tweaking my.cnf. I wish I had read all this stuff about 5 years ago, as a lot of lights were turned on with regards to perf on cthulhu; I could have saved myself a lot of pain by changing about 10 lines. Thankfully I’m never too old to learn.

All mail services on cthulhu have been migrated, and everything else gets shut down at the end of August. I think everyone’s ready. It’s been fun, but I won’t miss it, and the VPS will be about 20% of the cost of a dedicated box with performance that appears to be at least comparable.

If you’re using deadsquid for anything and haven’t heard from me regarding migration, you should drop me a line sooner rather than later. Two more weeks and everything’s gone.

Decelerating Deadsquid turns 14 this month, and there are some changes afoot. I’ve been running a bunch of ISP-ish services – everything from dialup access to mail and web hosting – since 1995, and am tired of it. I like having my own server to do my own thing, and have been happy to help friends and family out by hosting their content, but the services I offer aren’t comparable to what can be had commercially at a very (very!) reasonable cost. So, to that end, I’m shuttering the dedicated server everything runs off of by the end of April.

Thanks to everyone who has used over the years to vent about Ingenia, keep in touch with friends, play Expert CTF, check your mail, and post your thoughts and photos. I’ve enjoyed it, but I’m not paying anywhere near as much attention to it as I should, and it’s hard to justify the $1200-1500/year it costs to maintain. If you have a website still hosted here, I’ll be in touch shortly, and will help however I can to move it over to a provider who will take much better care of you.


sometimes, I totally miss the links

a couple weeks a friend of mine sent me a vid of fixie riders in San Francisco. It was set to a great instrumental, and said instrumental was “I’m bound to pack it up” by Aluminum.

I didn’t know (until today) that Aluminum’s self-titled album was a rework of the White Stripe’s “White Blood Cells”, performed by an orchestra.

Listen to “Fell In Love With a Girl”, and then listen to “I’m Bound To Pack It Up.”

Too cool. I like this stuff even more, now.

White Stripes – Fell in Love With a Girl

Aluminum – I’m Bound to Pack it Up

so long, asx

So a little more than two and a half years ago, I picked up World of Warcraft to see what all the fuss amongst friends was about. I solo’d my holy pally Asx (with a little help from Axe and Tierney) for the first couple months, and avoided joining a guild, mostly because of experiences with a lot of idiocy within clans as a server admin for Q2. I eventually hooked up with the great group of people who make up The Ancient Sun and continued leveling, participating in 5-mans with the deadsquid crew and guildies, and occasionally raiding 25-man content with the rest of the guild.

I was an ok healing pally, and enjoyed the social aspect of the game (a lot more than the game itself), playing with a bunch of friends I didn’t really see that much in person for a bunch of reasons. TAS had a great core, and we even managed to have a couple meet and greets in Vancouver and here in Ottawa. I stopped playing for a while, left the guild, and eventually came back to play BC, level my toon, and re-join TAS.

Unfortunately, it was never really the same. I had lost my regular spot in our weekly 5-mans, everyone had progressed pretty far ahead of me gear-wise (which is a killer in higher level dungeons), and there had been enough turnover in the guild that I didn’t know nearly as many folks any more, and some of the folks I played a lot with were either gone or on very different scheds than I.

Progressing was more of a chore, and it was really hard to get into any of the guild runs with a prot pally (we had great tanks and off-tanks already, and if you’ve ever played a prot pally, you know it hits like pasta from a food court, which limited my usefulness to a raid group that was tanked up). PUGs were ok, but they really weren’t the same as playing with people I knew. I hung on for a little while longer, and stopped playing again at the end of October. Since then, I’ve had no desire to play, and realized recently I was really done with the game.

So, yesterday I gave Asx away to someone with family ties to the guild, and I hope he gets put to good use. To Axe and everyone in the Deadsquid crüe, a huge thanks for the weekly runs, group questing, ad-hoc dungeon runs, and general silliness; it was an awful lot of fun. To the summer of ’06 crüe, thanks for convincing me on a regular basis that statying up ’til 4am running dungeons on a school night was a good idea, you bastards. To the officer cadre of TAS – in particular Axeom, Ahms, TheMagicOne, Raxin, and Dagle – thanks for your patience, willingness to let everyone learn, and management of the guild and guild events; I know it ain’t easy. Finally, thanks to Anat for always giving the Horde the benefit of the doubt, and all the entertainment for the rest of us that brought through your repeated deaths. :)

So, so long Asx and World of Warcraft. It was fun, but it’s over :)

les trottas sont ici

The Trottas – Jake, Zoe, Walt, and Lee – made their way to Ottawa for what’s become an annual weekend of fun. They made the journey in their suburban cruiser for the first time, which gave Lee the opportunity to pack everything they needed for the weekend. Everything included a pool, and pretty much all the food the kids ate the four days they were here. Preparation or mania, you decide!

We had a great time, despite ultra-humid and ultra-hot conditions for the first couple of days that threatened to kill my air conditioner. They arrived Thursday night and were met by both James and I. Food was required immediately, so it was off to Patty’s with the entire crew for sammiches, burgers, fries, and beer. We finished the eve with some wine, some conversation and a half-hearted attempt to watch Serenity for the bazillionth time (I think we lasted 10 minutes).

Friday was disgustingly warm, and we needed to take the kids somewhere to entertain them and give Walt and Lee a chance to play with their new toy; so, to the Museum of Civilization (specifically, the Children’s Museum) we went. We stayed for a few hours watching the kids be entertained, as well as Jake testing the motion sensors on one of the exhibits and subsequently using his best “who, me?” look with security.

The afternoon involved proving what responsible adults we were by blowing up a pool on the balcony, filling it with six inches of water, and letting the kids go nuts. Very, very entertaining. We finished off with more beer and wine, Indian food from Nagina, and making it through all of Serenity (this time).

Saturday was the annual BBQ a hold to get all the friends together, and for the first time the number of rugrats present threatened to outnumber the adults. There was around 35 souls all told, and we feasted on a ridiculous amount of meat, veggies, starch, salt, wine beer, trifle (thanks, Barb!) and chips. We finished the event with 150-odd sparklers for the kids, the start of which is pictured above.

Thanks to Lee for all her help in prepping, Walt for fearlessly watching the kids, Kev for BBQ-ing one-handed, and to everyone who showed and shared the day with us. To those of you who couldn’t make it, you were missed. Also – to all of you who had a chocolate-chip cookie: those were MINE, dammit! :)

Sunday was a slow morning, a trip to the playground, coffee, and general laziness until we headed up to Wakefield to visit the Heginbottoms. Mr. and Mrs. H treated us to roast lamb and chicken with sausages and maple, a wide variety of salads, and s great selection of deserts. We finished the day with a few glasses of wine and good conversation ’til midnight, and we called it a night knowing The Boy would probably be up at 6-ish.

On Monday the suburban explorer was repacked, and the Trottas returned from whence they came (New Jersey… but they’re still cool).

An awesome time was had by all, and I’m still recovering from Zoe and Jake withdrawl. Thanks for coming, guys, it was a great time!

too damn tired

I was supposed to post an update today of how work was going after three weeks. I am sad to report that I am writing a paragraph or two to say that I’m a slacker, and won’t be providing an update until tomorrow or sunday or never. Never is a very long time though, so there’s decent odds I’ll update tomorrow or Sunday.

Today I did something I haven’t been able to do in a very long time – I went for lunch with co-workers who live in the same city as I do. We hit Feleena’s, but couldn’t get a spot on the patio because it was so unbelievably gorgeous outside. The gorgeousness called out after lunch, so coop, robcee, and I went over to Jacques Cartier to play a little disc golf. I had some great drives (including a couple that actually went where I wanted them to), a couple birdies, and maybe a single digit above par score (maybe). ’twas glorious.

Of course, when I came back, all the things I had wanted to do this morning but were bumped by a mini crisis were still there. So, I got caught up, and am just finishing now. That’s why no there will be no update. What’s important to note is that I didn’t resent spending any time getting caught up – the job is that good, and the trade-off of an evening catching up against a nice lunch and a round of disc golf in near-perfect conditions was well worth it.

Life is good. The only other thing I have to say is I hit 10k views on Flickr today, and that’s without being much of a group whore. I will be getting out with the camera this weekend because I have been craptastic in getting out of late. Ok, it’s time for bed.

for j and grrl

I had totally forgotten that R.E.M. had done a bit on the (newer) Muppet Show. It’s a takeoff on Shiny Happy People, and is for all the bi-polar muppet monsters out there. For some reason, R.E.M. will always remind me of j and grrl and the time we all worked together. It’s a good memory.

fantastic fourth

My sister had a little girl yesterday morning, bringing the number of nieces and nephews to four (two of each)! Meaghan Joyce Kealey was born December 3rd, 2006 at a civilised hour, and weighs in at 7lb 14oz. She decided to be a little different and come into the world feet-first, so was delivered via c-section. Other than not being thrilled about not moving a lot for a couple weeks, my sis is tired and happy, the delivery went just fine, and everyone else is doing well (although Matt’s kind of getting run off his feet by the sounds of it).

I see a trip to Calgary in the near future.